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Feedback from Sergeant Exam 2008

These are old testimonials. Since 2010 we no longer publish testimonials after receiving advice that they could be conceived as endorsements by the officers concerned, which is not permitted. We do still get them and our subscriptions are all current

65% of our Sergeant 2008 customers passed the exam!

[The national pass rate was 28.9%]

The questions were invaluable to me passing the exam. I was able to target my weak areas. A real confidence boost. Excellent!

I found the questions prepared me better for the exam.I thought it was very helpful to print your own paper tests. I would recommend it to my friends.

Great product, major factor in passing the exam first time. Thank you.

Software easy to use and excellently referenced with Blackstones index numbers. I had a couple of queries which were answered quickly(via e-mail) and explained and checked at length(by phone). Well worth the money. The proof is in the pudding - I passed!

I loved ICAL. I thought Questionmaster was very good, especially that it told me which answer I had got wrong and why.

On speaking to colleague since the exam, I personally feel that the ICAL package is by far the best product with a wide range of different questions with superb extras: statistics, tutor, topic selection.

I am convinced this package assisted me in passing this year.The questions helped me to fine tune into the Centrex mind set. Thank you

I am so pleased I passed, I spent 180 hours studying. Many thanks!

I found the ICAL disc probably the most useful learning and revision tool I bought. Thanks

Using ICAL and Blackstones I got a whole range of questions which prepared me well for the exam.

I am grateful to ICAL as I mainly used you to study as I found it easier to sit with a computer doing questions than sitting down and reading a book.I did think, however, that the exam questions were much harder than ICAL. Maybe it is just me. Thank you!

The package was easy to use, the explanations spot on. I will and have recommended ICAL to others. Also it is good value for money.

An invaluable part of my study that helpled me pass. Speaking to colleagues with other software packages I feel I picked the best one for me.3000 regularly updated questions, various study options and great explanations. I can't recommend it enough.

Very useful. Questions and answers formed the backbone of my studying as well as a crammer course.

ICAL computer study disc was excellent and was used for 80% of my study programme. I would recommend it to anyone taking the exam.

Could not have passed the exam without your product! Best money I ever spent. Many of your questions came up in the exam.Hope to pass part two and then study for Inspectors.

Pleased that I passed my sergeants part 1 exam. I believe that the ICAL computer programme really assisted me in passing.

Very satisfied with the product. Would recommend to colleagues. Will use it if I do the Inspector exam.

Your software is very good and the questions were very similar to those in the exam. I passed first time. I would not have done this without ICAL and have told colleagues who failed to buy your software.

Thank you. Without the practice exams I wouldn't have passed. There were at least 20 questions in the exam that were in the practice exams. Will recommend to colleagues.

Thank you ICAL. My 2nd attempt at the exam. Foolishly I used a different product last time, won't do that again! Highly recommend ICAL to my colleagues. Thanks again.

Brilliant study aid. Some of the punctuation was missing in several of the questions which made them a bit confusing. Can't believe I passed the exam, undoubtedly due to ICAL and Tom Baron products that I used. Many thanks.

Excellent. excellent, excellent

I kept repeatedly doing the mock tests in the software programme. I did not study from any other material/books. Your explanations of the answers were very simply presented making it all the more easier to understand.

I am confident that the main reason I passed the exam was due to completing the entire 3000 question database and therefore thinking in exam mode, not real time mode.

A very useful tool which was key in helping me pass the exam. I have already recommended one of my colleagues to buy your disc for the Inspectors exam. Thanks for a brilliant tool!

I have always found the staff very helpful, friendly and a credit to your company.

I honestly do not think that I would have passed OSPRE part 1 without the excellent ICAL package.

The staff are unbelievably helpful when I've phoned up for assistance and the delivery of products through postal systems is fantastic.

I feel that the ICAL questions are more like the real exam questions than the Blackstones Q+A. I will be using ICAL for the 2009 exam. Thanks.

Excellent service when my computer crashed and I needed to reoot the system.

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