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Feedback from Sergeant Exam 2007

These are old testimonials. Since 2010 we no longer publish testimonials after receiving advice that they could be conceived as endorsements by the officers concerned, which is not permitted. We do still get them and our subscriptions are all current

66% of our Sergeant 2007 customers passed the exam!

Using ICAL as part of my studying I passed with a high grade. Very happy.

Last year I used [NAME OF COMPETITOR DELETED] and found the questions too easy. I failed the exam. This year I found that with ICAL on very few occasions do questions re-appear and the level of questions was about the same as the exam. I would like to thank you for helping me pass the exam!

Excellent questions, it was your package that enabled me to pass 1st time. Highly recommended.

Sat the exam in 2006 - failed. Took the exam again in , using ICAL and I passed.

This product assisted greatly in my passing the exam. The breakdown assists in targeting weak areas of knowledge. I would certainly purchase updated versions for future exams and recommend you to colleagues.

I found it very good. The questions were easier than the exam. Would recommend to colleagues. It was very easy to use and I wouldn't have passed without it

I think the questions you asked were quite hard, but I think this helped me pass the exam.

Excellent! I went into the exam with confidence. I sat the exam and felt as if I was at home doing my usual study because the style of questions were so similar. I left the exam knowing I had done well.

ICAL is a very useable product, and I feel the exam could be passed using ICAL only. The questions answer explanations are excellent. The staff extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have recommended ICAL to workmates and would have no qualms of doing so to others.

ICAL questions are excellent. Without the ICAL disk I don't think I would have passed the exam!

ICAL was responsible for my pass, no doubt about it.

Very helpful. The score I gained on the actual exam was very similar to my average score on the ICAL questions so it was a good guide.

Excellent. I used ICAL questions with Tom Barron books and found they worked well together. I passed the exam. Thanks!

ICAL was an excellent revision tool. I am convinced that I would not have passed without it.

Invaluable training tool in the preparation for the part 1 examination.

Fantastic study aid. Would and have recommended it to a lot of people thinking about sitting the exam next year. Worth every penny!!

Superb product, much better than [NAME OF COMPETITOR COMPANY DELETED] purchase previously used

I had to ring ICAL staff re installation of the disc and they were very helpful, friendly and took a lot of time to make sure it was set up correctly. I would recommend this company to anyone. A very worthwhile purchase. Thanks

It was good to be able to print off questions to work on away from computer.Some questions were double negative which were not used in exam. I was very pleased with product and have recommended it to colleagues. And I passed!

I don't think I would have passed without it. A brilliant product!

ICAL are the best for questions in a CD form and I will use them again for my inspectors exam

ICAL CD was an excellent study aid that allowed me to pass my sergeants exam first time. Will recommend to other colleagues.

A fantastic product, I would not have passed without it.This product was recommended by a colleague and at first I was skeptical, but how wrong I was! I will definitely recommend this to other colleagues and will use it again for the Inspectors exam.Thank you.

Very impressed with the product which enabled me to pass the exam first time. Many thanks.

The software was invaluable. I studied for the exam 3 years ago but did not have a chance of passing. With ICAL I learned things that I would never have grasped by just reading the syllabus.

Really helped during exam. I didn't think I would have passed using books only. Thanks.

I found the ICAL disc an excellent way to check my knowledge after studying topics from the Crammer books. It is an excellent way of preparing for the exam.

I was very pleased with the software and the questions layout. The explanations were great. I don't believe I would have passed first time without this product. I will be using it for my inspectors without a doubt. Thank you.

Very pleased with the software. Easy to use. I have recommended it to colleagues.

I found the package to be very useful and used it as the bedrock to passing my exam. I would be interested in any product which may help me prepare for part 2 of the sergeants exam.

Very good software. I especially liked the option to work on questions which have not been answered before or weak areas.

I passed using mainly ICAL and reading the four Crammer books by Tom Barron.

For me personally you have got the package just about right. Thanks very much, without the questions the whole process would have been much more difficult.

Very good product. I wish I'd purchased it earlier and used it in conjunction with the Crammer books. If I'd failed I would have purchased it again.

Product is excellent. I did have issues with a few explanations given but I did not record the question.

I struggled to consistently pass the ICAL mock exam yet I found the actual test questions easier. This was a good thing and a pleasant surprise. I also found the explanations to answers highly illuminating and easily memorable.

I found the ICAL package was far more like the exam than the [NAME OF COMPETITOR DELETED] computer package. I will definitely use ICAL for the Inspectors exam. My only complaint is the cost of the package relative to the time you are allowed to use it. However, I fully accept that without it I probably would have failed. Thank you.

Excellent. Couldn't have passed without it. Mock questions are essential to passing the exam.

Excellent package, makes learning easy and enjoyable.

Very helpful, thanks. Very impressed with the updated version.

I would like to thank you for your product. I used this for about 2-3 hours daily for about 4 months. I know that had I not had certain questions on ICAL I would not have been able to answer them in the exam. Many thanks.

The exam was difficult, but with the ICAL package accompanied with the relevant reading material I passed, much to my satisfaction. ICAL really is worth the money.

I will again use this product when studying for my Inspector exam. Thank you very much. If I had used this product sooner, it would not have taken me 5 attempts to pass!

I used your questions and passed. Thank you, a very good product.

Thank you. I passed first time. Without Questionmaster I could not have achieved this. See you when I apply for my Inspectors.

I am very pleased with your product and would readily recommend it to colleagues.

The ICAL disc is still an expensive piece of equipment to purchase on top of the Blackstones, but it was nice to know I could receive updates free of charge. The customer service staff were very helpful.

Easy to use, liked the ability to print exams.

Thank you. Your product was a great help in passing the exam!

The ICAL software was very good. Unfortunately, I did not get as much time as I would have liked to use it.

A very good computer package which explained the answers well.More importantly, it then showed the answer in a simple format. I've no faults with the package but the exam was very hard!

I did not purchase your product to pass the sergeants exam. I used it through training and to keep up to date.I will be doing the exam next year and will keep and use your product that I find very useful.

The questions were about 70% of my study. Very useful.

Thank you, I've passed. I can't believe I passed first time. I will recommend your product to the entire human race, can you tell I'm pleased!!

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