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Brief Product Summary

QuestionMaster 2 is the very latest computer program from ICAL to help police officers studying for their OSPRE Part 1, NIE, IPLDP promotion exams.

Offering in excess of 3000 scenario based questions which are presented in a dynamic constantly changing fashion to check your knowledge for the relevant exams - it is the premium computer CD learning package!

Comprehensive stats information, and intelligent customisation mean you study smarter rather than harder, and therefore maximise your efforts.

The Questions are fully updated to comply with the latest syllabus as issued by NPIA and the latest Blackstone's Police Manuals.


Detailed Product Overview

This next section delves into each of the main aspects of the program so you can see the power of the QuestionMaster 2 engine for yourself.

Start Studying

QuestionMaster 2 provides you with a comprehensive set of modes and question selection methods. No matter what your study style, there will be a mode to suit you and several more to challenge you!

Study Modes

At the start of each new session the first thing the program will ask is which of 3 main modes you would like to use. Move over each of the mode icons below to learn about each one!

Exam Mode

When this mode is selected, the question is displayed on the screen along with the 4 possible answers.

You make your selection, but there is NO feedback from the program until the last question in the series has been completed.

You are then able to fully review the exam question by question, and you are also able to see the statistical breakdown identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

Study Mode

When this mode is selected, the question is displayed on the screen along with the 4 possible answers.

You make your selection and you are told immediately whether or not you are correct together with the reasoning or rationale behind the question, and to aid further understanding, the Blackstones reference is also provided.

Favourite Mode

When this mode is selected, an exam or study session is created with all of your pre-configured favourite settings and subjects.

Question Selection

Next the program will ask you which of two question selection methods you would like to use. Move over each of the question selection icons below to learn about each one!

Random Selection

The program is in charge of question selection, and will offer 150 questions from all of the 4 main categories - Crime - Road Policing - GPD - Evidence.

Custom Selection

You are totally in charge of question selection, by topic, time and number of questions.

Test Selection

Finally the program will ask you to choose one of several different types of tests. Each of the different test modes are useful in different ways - some focus on your weak areas others on improving your time management.

Standard Exam

This mode is a straight forward mock exam using exam rules tailored for your questions.

Using the OSPRE Part 1 Sergeant Exam as an example - you are given 150 questions to answer over 3hours.

QuickFire Exam

This mode is a superb time management trainer! It delivers a question to you every 72 seconds. If you do not answer the question before the time counts down to zero, the program automatically moves you on to the next question!

Getting bogged down on a single question is the worst mistake anyone can make in an exam. This mode prepares you mentally to know how long you should spend on a question before moving onto the next.

Printed Exam

The QuestionMaster 2 Printed Exam has always been a favourite mode of previous customers. It is literally a mock exam for you to complete away from the computer!

The contents of the printout include - Test rules, Answer Grid, Question+Answer Book and the Correct Answers Grid.

When you have completed a printed exam you can mark the answers back into the program to bring up full answer debrief and rationale.

Tutor Mode

In QuestionMaster 2 you can set a personal pass mark to aim for! Tutor mode uses your personal pass mark by comparing it to all your results so far, over all the subjects. Any topics in which you have not yet reached your pass mark are used to make up a new exam.

The topics you are passing are left out of the exam. This makes sure you are studying what you need to study, not what you're best at!

Resit Mode

Imagine, you have just sat an exam and you have done extremely badly - all is not lost! After re-reading the relevant parts in the manuals, you can then recall the same exam as a resit, and try again.

The great thing is, because the answer positions are not static and always jumble up, using this mode gives a very clear indication as to whether you have improved or not.

Weakest Mode

As you sit and then mark exams, QuestionMaster 2 automatically keeps track of the questions you answer incorrectly.

You can then sit a Weakest Exam which is made up of subset of these questions you have answered incorrectly to date. As you answer questions correctly the are removed from the weakest list, questions you answer incorrectly remain for another day!

Restore Mode

Imagine, you have just spent ages doing an exam and now just as you've marked it and got your answers somethings come up and you have to go out.

This situation is very likely in most peoples lives but not a problem in QuestionMaster 2. Restoring the last exam to review your answers and answer debriefs can be done as many times as you like!

Together, the test modes are invaluable in honing your exam technique! Move over each of the test mode icons above to learn about each one.

Question Query

Question Query offers you an index to every single question and answer in your question pack. The main use of view all questions is for question queries.

When looking at a question in exam or study mode, the answer options are jumbled up. This is great usually as the jumbling stops you remembering the positions of the correct answer!

But when querying a question with our question writers, ideally, you both want to be looking at the question with the answers in identical positions. View all Questions does just that, always displaying the answer options in the same order, making discussing a question a tad easier!

However for those users who prefer to go through our questions from beginning to end, then you can choose to jumble up the answers and use this mode for just that purpose.

Study Timetable

Our Study Timetable creates and provides you with a full schedule of work to cover over a period of weeks which is based on your own personal requirements.

Our study timetable is designed to be very simple to operate. It works by initially asking you a series of questions about your availability, how you like to study and many more questions. From this information the program calculates a schedule of work for you to cover on certain days each week.

The timetable keeps track of what day you are up to and which subjects you will be covering in your next session. If you fall behind the timetable will show you where you should be up to! The timetable is flexible in that, if you want to do more than your alloted weekly schedule, you can do without penalty.

Complete Performance Statistics

QuestionMaster 2 has complete and detailed statistical analysis screens which track your progress. From quick snapshots of how your doing to deeply detailed performance information.

Stats Overview - The stats overview page greets you when you first open the stats. This page has a quick summary of your progress including - Total Questions Asked, Total Questions Answered Correctly and your Overall Performance in percentage terms.

Topic Analysis - The topic analysis page provides you with an in-depth tree view of all subjects. There are columns next to each subject for - i) total questions available in subject, ii) the number of questions you have been asked so far, iii) the number of questions you have answered correctly so far, iv) your overall percentage on the subject and v) a quick [pass/fail] indicator for the subject which is based on your personal pass mark.

Question Analysis - The question analysis page provides in-depth analysis on every single question in the database. Times Asked, Times Answered Correct and more... This view can help you to discover certain types of questions that you continue to get wrong. You can then spend time looking at the said questions to get used to the style the question is being asked.

Graphical Summary - The graphical summary page provides graphing of all the core subject areas. Your current percentage in each subject area is highlighted on the graph against your personal pass mark. This graphical view of your performance to date is great because it shows you how your doing over all the subjects in one easy to see and very easy to understand graph.

Law Changes and Updates

When you purchase QuestionMaster 2 you are not left with a static package, far from it! While you have a valid subscription you will continue to get both question and program updates for FREE.

We can deliver updates in two ways, the easiest these days is the Internet but we can also deliver them by post on CD. The program has a question updater built into it, so as soon as we release any new or modified questions you will receive them over the internet the next time you update!

Now and again there may be a large update, for example i) a major law change or ii) release of new years blackstones manuals. When this happens our question writers amend our database, as soon as we have the literature to enable us to do so. Thereafter an update will be released by Internet or on CD.

Test Environment

The actual test environment in QuestionMaster 2 is second to none! It has a unique test interface which simulates as much as possible the layout of the OSPRE Part 1 exam.

While this may not at first appear to be a benefit, come exam day you will find the familiarity between our programs test layout and your actual answer sheet a great benefit and one less thing to throw you!

The actual layout on-screen for each question consists of a question scenario and 4 possible answer options. At the side of the screen is the answer grid where you mark a dash [-] over your preferred answer. See the example picture of the answer grid in QuestionMaster 2 below...

Notice how the question number is shown to the left followed by the a, b, c and d answer options. When you click on your preferred answer a dash is placed through it - just like you will have to do in your real exam! To help you the grid is also colour coded; answered questions turn blue, the current question is red and unanswered questions white.

The layout of the whole screen in the test environment is fully customisable. You can have the question and answer on the left and answer grid on the right, or if you are left handed you may prefer the answer grid on the left - this is all possible! You can answer questions by clicking on your preferred option or just press the key on the keyboard. Click on the thumbnail picture to the right for a larger view of the test screen...

The way the answer options are presented in QuestionMaster is dynamic. What was answer option a) last time could be answer option c) next time. The answer options constantly jumble up to make sure you carefully read the question rather than memorise the answer.

You can set your preferred font, font size and can even change the colour of the screen! Whilst you can't change the colour of your real exam paper we do believe these little extra features help you to feel comfortable whilst working on QuestionMaster 2.

Crash Protection (new feature)

Crash protection is a new feature added to QuestionMaster 2 which hopefully you will never see!

The feature gives you peace of mind that should your battery suddenly go on your laptop or if your system crashes you will not lose all your work.

In the event that the worst happens... the next time you start QuestionMaster 2 the program will ask if you would like to resume your test exactly where you left off!

Program Specification

QuestionMaster 2 is a program for Windows based PCs, the minimum and recommended system specification is shown below.

The program is compatible with both 32 and 64bit Windows. It does not run on Linux or Apple systems unless you have Windows emulation software. The program does not work on PDA devices.

How to Purchase

Call us on: 07446932212

If you're still unsure why not have a go! Click the try now button to download a FREE trial. The trial is fully functional and only limited by number of questions.

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