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What you get using our questions... a pass!

This year 81% of our Sergeant customers achieved the OSPRE Part1 pass they were looking for!

How does the ICAL QuestionMaster STUDY AID achieve these fantastic results? We will explain on this page...

Triangle of Knowledge

ICAL stands for Interactive Computer Aided Learning and we use the Triangle of Knowledge to prepare our candidates for the Ospre Part 1 exams.

Triangle of Knowledge

The mechanics of the learning process can be seen in the triangle.

When a student starts studying their knowledge base is small and this is represented by the largest base portion of the triangle.

Once knowledge has been imparted, the next level of learning involves understanding the knowledge and subsequently the application of that knowledge regarding the law.

The final top portion is testing the knowledge application and understanding of the law using MCQ - Multiple Choice Questions.

It is the combination of all these elements in our questions that enables our customer to enjoy success.

To pass you need more than just A-type questions

The Ospre Part 1 examinations use 150 MCQ A-type questions to test the candidates knowledge on the law.

Not all our questions are in the A-type style and the reason for this is that the ICAL questions are a study aid to allow us to impart knowledge, teach you the application of that knowledge, so that you understand the law. You are then able to answer questions on the law no-matter what style is used.

We believe that if our customers studied our questions, and our questions contained 100% A-type questions, you would NOT be as well prepared come exam day to pass the OSPRE Part 1.

We can back this claim up with the fact that we have been providing our study aid for 13 years and have consistentently beaten the national pass rates.

If you know the law you will pass...

You've got to remember that at the end of the day it doesn't matter about the style of the question, what matters is you need to know the relevent law that a question is asking about: full stop.

Our product is a study aid which if used properly will help you to recognise which area of the law a question is asking about, no matter what style question is used.

Our questions are written and maintained by a former Chief Inspector who thoughout his career has been heavily involved in training. The questions are all referenced to the current Blackstones Police Manuals to enable you to understand fully the point of law. When the NPIA make changes to the syllabus, we amend our questions in accordance with these changes and provide a totally free update to our customers who are in subscription.

So please remember we are a study aid and we do not profess to being the only tool you require to pass the exam. We are an important tool in your armoury as many of our customers will testify, and it is worth pointing out that the only product endorsed by the NPIA is the Blackstones Police Manuals.

All other commercial products on the market should be regarded as study aids just like us, we exist to help you pass.

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