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Feedback from Inspector Exam 2008

These are old testimonials. Since 2010 we no longer publish testimonials after receiving advice that they could be conceived as endorsements by the officers concerned, which is not permitted. We do still get them and our subscriptions are all current

77.5% of our Inspector 2008 customers passed the exam!

[The national pass rate was 46.5%]

Excellent software,questions and explanations - got 86.4% and secured "exceptional pass". I am convinced that this was mostly due to Questionmaster.

The ICAL disc got me through without doubt!

Out of the four study systems I subscribed to I felt that yours provided the most taxing questions.I have recommended your product to colleagues who are sitting for promotion this year.I am sure your product assissted me achieving the fantastic result that I did - 90% and 7th in the country. Many thanks.

I found the question package invaluable and used it greatly.However, I did discover the exam questions much more straight forward.

The ICAL disc was an excellent help when studying.

The format of the questions should follow more closeley the format used by OSPRE. Overall I would not have passed without this disc. The ability to do exams daily was critical to my passing.

Passed eventually! Put a bit of effort in this time!

Fantastic support from staff when I called to say I had moved from desk top to laptop and couldn't use questions. Thank you.

Once again, ICAL excellent!

Not having the internet at home I could not get the online update. However, your letter and then fax to receive an update disc was simple and easy and the disc arrived promptly.

I found Questionmaster combined with the crammers and CD's was the right combination for me. I concentrated on Questionmaster towards the end. The explanations really re-inforced my learning.

Last year I used [COMPETITOR NAME DELETED] and failed. This year I used ICAL, [COMPETITOR NAME DELETED] and a course and passed. Whether I passed due to ICAL, [COMPETITOR NAME DELETED] or a combination I don't know but thanks anyway.

I have been a sgt for over three years and used the ICAL disc when studying back then. I renew the questions each year so I can keep my knowledge up. ICAL questions are excellent and I have recommended you to many others over the last four years.

ICAL questions were probably tougher than those in the exam, but that was good preparation. Exam question mode and scoring was a good indication of your progress. Only criticism is the double negatives , there were none in the exam. Having said that, it made you aware of the potential pitfall of not reading the question properly.

Your questions are difficult which fully tests your understanding and prepares you for exam question trip-ups. However, the traffic questions are a bit too in depth.

All good: went well with Tom Barron books. Thanks.

Very good. Third time I have used the sytem.

An excellent product which I have recommended to all my staff.

There were straight lift questions on the actual exam that I had previously seen on ICAL.

I was very satisfied with the product. I use the internet to obtain updates. The product was easy to use and allowed you to develop your own style of study.

Northern Ireland customers need to be aware that not all legislation on your programme is the same as NI legislation.

A great study aide that I would recommend to anyone!

Don't think I would have passed without ICAL.

Would use ICAL again. I took my study leave abroad so it was ideal to download to laptop.

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