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Feedback from Inspectors Exam 2007

These are old testimonials. Since 2010 we no longer publish testimonials after receiving advice that they could be conceived as endorsements by the officers concerned, which is not permitted. We do still get them and our subscriptions are all current

64.9% of our Inspector 2007 customers passed the exam!

I have no doubt that Questionmaster played a vital role in me passing my Inspector exam.Without it I would not have been so prepared. In fact the questions were harder than the exam.

I found the exam questions very helpful and I am sure my use of them in preparation contributed greatly toward my pass.

I used just the ICAL questions and nothing else and passed. ICAL are worth twice the price. I have been very impressed with the package and found it very easy to use. I have recommended ICAL to numerous colleagues and will continue to do so.

I would and have recommended this product to other officers and will update my own package for reference purposes.

Good all round package. I have recommended your product to several colleagues taking their exams.

I have used ICAL to pass both sgts and insp exams. The product has been my main source of learning and has proved invaluable.

ICAL was excellent. A must for all!

Very good product. I will be recommending its use to colleagues. Thank you.

Used ICAL as a study aide and was very pleased with the outcome. Have recommended ICAL to others as clearly it works.

Excellent learning aid that I have recommended to a number of colleagues for next years exam.

Very pleased with the product which enabled me to pass the exam. The disc was easy to use.

Good package with realistic questions, will recommend you again to everyone. Many thanks.

Easy to use, have recommended it to others for sgts and insp exam.

I have previously used PASS and faile last year. This year I used ICAL and found it to be a far superior package.Delighted with ICAL, it prepared me well in a short period of time.

This was the best package I have ever used. It beats PASS. I have recommened ICAL to colleagues.

Good quality product. Software better than some I have used previously.

I am confident that I would not have passed the exam without the use of a question pack.I find ICAL user-friendly and a good indicator for weaker subjects.

Excellent product. I am recommending it to my officers for the sergeants exam in March 2008- keep up the good work. Thank you.

Used as part of study pack with Blackstones and Tom Barron books. The programme worked well. Thanks!

Excellent question database that without a doubt got me through the exam. Many thanks.

Couldn't have passed without it. Exceptional grade with it, need I say more.

The questions on ICAL helped to make sense of the law.

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