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Feedback from Inspectors Exam 2006

These are old testimonials. Since 2010 we no longer publish testimonials after receiving advice that they could be conceived as endorsements by the officers concerned, which is not permitted. We do still get them and our subscriptions are all current

79.1% of our Inspector 2006 customers passed the exam!

I found the questions really useful and they certainly helped me pass. I came in the top 1.7% so they helped me to learn thoroughly

I found your product easy to use and a great help with my studying. Thank you

While studying I was not convinced that the style of questions provided would be similar to the exam. However they were and overall ICAl worked for me and for that I am grateful

Generally excellent. ICAL was my only preparation and I passed first time. I highly recommend your product to others Many thanks

Great product!

Did not touch Blackstones manuals. Did questions for 6 months. ICAL works for me. I want to keep upping the percentage each session

I have used it for both my sgts and insp exam and have achieved excellent marks. I found the database an excellent training method

I felt it was excellent. Very useful combined with the crammer book. It worked for me.A crammer course by yourselves would be popular

The questions were good although at times I found it difficult to understand some answers to more complicated questions. However it must have worked, I passed!

I got an exceptional pass which I don't doubt was due to my ICAL study package. Thank you

My only criticism of an excellent package was the number of double negative style questions.There were none in the exam.

[ICAL Comment: Negatives appeared in the 2007 Sergeant Exam! You need to be prepared for the eventuality]

I would recommend the program to others

Had problems running ICAL with Blackstones manual CD

I contacted ICAL many times during my study. They were always really helpful. I was very impressed

When I first contacted ICAL I found your representative to be very polite, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He made me feel confident in purchasing the program. Thank you very much

ICAL definitely helped me to improve my knowledge. Without it I would not have passed

Very good product, it helped me to pass my exam. Thank you

I have passed both the sgts and insp exams through utilising the ICAL software and the Blackstones. Thank you

I have recommended the crammer books, courses and ICAL to everyone I know

Very good. I passed

Thank you. I found questions to be of great help when studying and the system was easy to use

Your excellent disc secured me a very comfortable pass. You have an excellent product. Thank you

Used it twice and passed twice. I always recommend it to other officers who are studying for either sgts or insp exams

ICAL was essential to my studying and it didn't let me down.I got 80% in the exam

I've used this for both sgt and insp and find it a very good product. I have recommended it to colleagues.Thank you very much.

Useful for cementing knowledge and covering question topics

Questions very similar to those in exam, will be using ICAL again in Sept 07

QM2 was a useful tool in addition to the CD and Crammer books. I couldn't have passed without the ICAL questions

Excellent! I didn't even look at the books. I just used ICAL and passed!

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