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Many customers ring our Tech Support line everyday after some help or advice. Answers to several frequently asked questions can be found below...

QuestionMaster Online and Java FAQ

This FAQ covers all issues including; startup, installing, reinstalling and using QuestionMaster Online...

Question: How do I install or re-install Java?

Windows users: Go to http://www.java.com and click on the "Free Java Download" button.

Apple users: Java was only available on Apple systems since 10.4 Tiger onwards and it comes pre-installed. You can manually download "Java for Mac" and updates from the apple site, but usually the apple software updater should take care of this for you. If you do ever need to reinstall Java for Mac here is a link to the apple software downloads page. When the link page opens scroll down to the "Java for Mac" download.

Linux users: The latest version of Java will be available on your Linux installation CD/DVD. It is sometimes installed as part of the system and sometimes you have to install it manually.

Question: How do I launch QuestionMaster online?
Go to http://www.ical.co.uk/online and click on the "Launch QuestionMaster Online" button.
Question: How do I get the QuesitonMaster Online desktop shortcut back if it disappears?

One of the following ways will work for you:

Windows users:

1. Go to the Windows Control Panel and then find the Java icon, double-click the java icon to open the Java control panel. (You may need to look hard in control panel to find the java icon)

2. (You can also open the java control panel by clicking the Windows "Start" button, choosing "run" and typing "javacpl" then click OK)

3. Once in the Java control panel, click on "view" button near the bottom.

4. Now left-click once on the entry "QuestionMaster Online", then click on the install shortcut button in the toolbar (it has a picture of a black arrow in a square)

Apple users:

1. Go to your "Applications" folder.

2. In the Applications folder, go to the "Utilities" folder.

3. In the Utilities folder, open the "java preferences" icon. This will open the Apple Java Control Panel.

4. Look for and click on the "Delete files" button at the bottom of the java control panel to remove your temporary java applications

5. Go to http://www.ical.co.uk/online click on "Launch QuestionMaster Online" and your desktop icon will re-appear.

Linux users:

1. Should be similar to the Windows method (above) from step 3. once you have opened the linux java control panel.

Question: After my "Software Updater" has just run on my Apple I can no longer launch QuestionMaster Online?

Some customers have reported that sometimes Java on thier Apple/Macs can stop working after the Apple Software Updater has done a Java Update.

You can resolve this by going to the Apple software downloads page and then scrolling down the page to the "Java for Mac" downloads. Choose the correct download for your Apple Mac and then reinstall Java.

Question: When I try to login to the program it says "your username or password is incorrect"?
Make sure you are typing your details accurately and that Caps Lock is not on. If you still have trouble contact us on 07446 932212 and we can quickly reset it for you.
Question: When I try to login to the program is says "you are trying to login from too many computers"?
This means you have already logged in from two different computers and cannot login from anymore. You can however contact us and request that one of your registered computers be dropped if say, you no longer own it or have access to it.
Question: When I try to login to the program is says "your subscription has expired"?
This means the subscription you purchased has now lapsed. You can renew your subscription on the internet or over the phone and if required choose to either reuse the same account or reset your account to start from scratch.
QuestionMaster CD - Install/Startup

This FAQ covers all install issues including; startup, installing questions and logging in...

Question: When installing a new version of the program installshield complains that the installed version does not match the current version (or similar message)
This can often happen if you've had the trial and upgrade to a full set of questions. Simply go to control panel and uninstall the demo trial. Then download and install again from http://www.ical.co.uk/downloads
Question: When installing the program do I choose Complete or Custom?
Choose complete! Custom is for advanced users who want to fine tune all aspects of the installation.
Question: I've installed the program and the icon is on the desktop but where are the questions?
Double-click on the 'ICAL QM2' desktop icon and choose either 'Install Trial Questions' or 'Install Purchased Questions'.
Question: I'm being asked for an authorisation code. What is this and where do I get the code?
When you first install your questions you need to register them with us and in return we provide you with the authorisation unlock code. Registration takes seconds and can be done by telephone or over the Internet.
Question: When I first use the program it asks for a username and password. Where do I get this information?
You make it up. Your username and password can be anything you wish as long as both are at least 4 characters in length.
Question: I've just started the program and my questions have a cross on them! What do I do?
This means QuestionMaster2 has detected some sort of problem with the questions. Ring Tech Support on 07446 932212 and we will usually solve the problem for you.
Question: I opted to enter a username and password each time I login but I've forgotten them?
Give Tech Support a call on 07446 932212 - we can help you re-discover your details!
QuestionMaster CD - Unregistration

This FAQ covers all issues relating to maintaining a valid license; what to do when re-installing windows, getting a new computer, etc...

Question: I'm thinking of getting a new computer, how does this affect my questions?
You must ring us BEFORE uninstalling the program off your old computer. We need to unregister your questions and free up your license. Failure to do this will result in you losing your license and not being able to reinstall the questions onto your new computer.
Question: I'm thinking of upgrading Windows or re-installing windows?
Again, you must ring us BEFORE doing any major work to your computer so we can unregister your questions to be safe and to protect your license. Failure to do this will result in you losing your license and you not being able to reinstall the questions after.
Question: How do I unregister my questions?
Start the program and highlight the questions you want to unregister. Then look over to the left and click 'unregister questions'. Your questions will be unregistered and the program will generate a series of numbers you need to document and then give to ICAL. Call 07446 932212 and request an unregistration then provide these details.
QuestionMaster CD - Using the Program

This FAQ covers all issues relating to actually using the program; how to update, how to change settings etc...

Question: How do I update my questions?
Start the program and login to your questions to get to the main menu. On the main menu click on the 'Check for Updates' button.
Question: I'm having problems downloading updates, any ideas?
Its usually a firewall problem. Try the following: Go to the Main Menu and choose 'Check for Updates' then click 'Settings'. On the settings screen choose 'URLMON' and click OK. Now try the update again.
Question: Do I need the internet to use the program?
Question: The program is not remembering my font, size and layout display settings?
When you click on the display settings icon at the bottom left corner of the screen, the program shows your display settings which you can customise. The program will only save your new display settings when you click hide display settings to close the display settings panel.
Question: I've started a test/study session but the area where the question should be is black?
Click the display settings icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Look for the 'Question area Color' setting and change the selection to white.
Question: When I try to customise what topics I want to be tested on I only see 4 topics to choose from?
You will also notice that next to each of the 4 main topics is a little plus symbol. If you click on the plus symbol next to any topic, extra sub-topics will be shown for you to choose from.
Question: When customising my topics I've come across a topic with more questions than I can sit in an exam! How can I study all of these questions?
You will notice that next to the topic in question there is a plus symbol. Click the plus symbol to show all the sub topics of the topic in question. You can then select a few of the sub topics at a time until you have covered everything.
Question: I've noticed the program is not keeping stats if I use Study Mode, why not? Can I do anything about this?
By default the program does not keep stats in study mode. We believe you should use study mode to practice only, then use exam mode to properly examine knowledge under timed exam conditions. You can however - if you really want to - turn stats on in study mode. On the main menu in the bottom right hand corner click the 'Program Settings' link and look for the study mode stats option.
Question: I think a question is wrong! Who do I speak to about it?
We have a dedicated question query phone line where you can speak to and discuss questions with our question writers. Call 07446 932212.
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