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Interactive Computer Aided Learning or ICAL as we are better known has been at the sharp edge of the 'Police Training' product market for over years and have been trading as a 'Limited Company' for of those years.

Where we started!

ICAL were the first company to develop a windows based study program - The early program ran on the Windows 3.1 and was unique! It had an easy to use user interface and a question database that was based around the current study material called the 'Law Files'. Since then the software has been re-written using the latest C++ programming language to cater for all the modern operating systems from Windows 98 to XP and Vista. As of this year with the introduction of QuestionMaster Online we can now offer our Questions to Mac OS and Linux users as well!

Where are we now!

Our new QuestionMaster "Anywhere" web browser product has opened up ICAL Questions and Answers to any platform and nearly all devices including handheld devices. "Anywhere" also allows our customers to use our product from any location they wish; home on your laptop, commute to work on your iPhone, at work via your PC(if you're allowed!), on holiday... "anywhere" is available any time, any place!

QuestionMaster "Online" offers similar online functionality to "Anywhere" but uses Java technology so it functions more like a traditional program. "Online" works on Windows, Apple and linux, via PC, Net book or laptop based systems (does not work on handhelds). This product is limited to being used from 2 locations but is cheaper to buy than "Anywhere".

Last but not least we have QuestionMaster 2. This is our standalone/CDROM based product that installs on to your Windows PC, laptop or notebook and does NOT require any Internet access. This is a Windows only product so if you are wanting it to work on an Apple computer you must install windows in a separate partition using Bootcamp.

ALL of our products have full stats analysis, study timetables and question query features.

Our software development team are highly qualified to degree level, are 'Sun Microsystems Certified Programmers' and also 'Installshield' certified.

ICAL QuestionMaster products are used by training establishments throughout England and Wales to assist their officers in successfully passing the OSPRE Part 1 exam, and for IPLDP training and evaluation.

We can also provide bespoke training to company investigators in PACE, evidence gathering and presentation and file preparation. We can even provide training on how to conduct interviews that will be admissible in court.

Our Question Writers!

Our question writers have access to an assortment of legal references. OSPRE Part 1 exams are currently based on the Blackstone Police Manuals, but we also use a range of other references to validate our questions.

Our lead trainer/writer is a retired Chief Inspector, who has a very strong background in training and law relating to the police service.

What's next!

ICAL is and always has been a forward looking company and we are constantly listening to our customers and working on new ideas and methods to make our software even better.

Our sales team have a proven track record in ensuring customers receive the best possible solution to their needs. We will always strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with the highest quality products and customer service.

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