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Brief Product Summary

AuthorMaster Network 2 provides your establishment with the power to create, modify and produce your own question packs; which can be used in both QuestionMaster 2 and QuestionMaster Network 2.

Offering every tool you would ever need to create, maintain and index up a full set of questions - it is the best question pack creation software on the market!

The program is a true client/server network system which works over the Internet. We run the server at ICAL, all you need to do is login using the client and begin writing questions.

You can create new questions, edit/update questions, assign references to questions and delete questions. As well as this there is a complete set of powerful search tools for quickly and easily finding question that need updating. The program also has extremely powerful spelling and grammar which checks and corrects as you type.


Detailed Product Overview

This next section delves into the main aspects of the AuthorMaster Network system so you can see the benefits for yourself.

How it Works

You use the AuthorMaster Network 2 Client program to create your questions. When you've completed the writing we produce the questions and send them out to you as a complete package.

Writing the Questions

The AuthorMaster Network 2 Editor provides you with six areas, the question area where you write the question scenario, 4 answer option areas and finally an answer debrief area. Once you complete each area you are able to save the question and if necessary reference it up to text book.

Producing the Questions

Once you've written your questions we compile and build your questions into a Package and send this out to you on CD. You can then freely install the package into your QuestionMaster software for your users to access.

Producing your Updates

We also take care of producing your updates. If you add or modify some of your questions, the changes you make will be automatically rolled into an update and available to your QuestionMaster 2 software soon after.


AuthorMaster Network 2 is available for you to create and maintain your questions from any internet-connected computer whenever you feel like it.

As long as your user account and subscription is valid all you need to do is start the client program and login!


There is no Administration in AuthorMaster Network 2! We take care of the administration leaving you free to write/maintain your questions!

On your behalf we take care of - maintaining the server, backups, user account setup, question pack production and updates.

Program Specification

The minimum specification required to run the AuthorMaster Network 2 client program is shown below...

The system is compatible with both 32 and 64bit Windows. It does not run on Linux or Apple systems unless you have Windows emulation software. The system does not work on PDA devices.

Demo & Further Information

To find out more about the product and pricing options, please use one of the contact methods below.

We can demo AuthorMaster Network 2 for you but you may prefer to have a go and try it for yourself - it's very easy to use! Get in touch with us and we will send you a live link.

Call us on: 07446932212

Email us at: sales@ical.co.uk or ical@ical.co.uk

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